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Over 50’s Race 27/1/2014 by Baden Brosnan

Monday night saw the penultimate round for us old fellows and looking at the forecast for next Wednesday, will be the last.The evening brought a very hot starting temp around the 38-39 mark and everyone was looking weary even before the start. Our main goal was to be in any move but also be ready for a late attack as the field would be suffering towards the latter part due to the heat.

The first 10 minutes saw the usual strong men try their hand and every time Dave C, Dave M or BB were there covering the moves but all was together for the first preme.Dave C gained some more points with 4th and the bunch was strung out some going into the back straight so BB made a move up the right to test the waters and going into the finish straight realised that he was on his own.Its all or nothing when a gap opens up so quick and that is just what happened. The Corsa and BE boys were watching each other and BB was forging away thinking to himself…what the bloody hell am I doing?

For a number of laps the gap grew and Kym C was giving time gaps from the sidelines and then informed BB that 2 riders were coming across just before the 2nd preme. Ellerway and Bastiras, both from the second BE team made contact providing some relief for BB and this allowed the gap to widen further. For the 2nd preme BB rolled through in 1st and Dave C managed another 4th back in the bunch for some more points. It even looked like we would make contact with the bunch at one point but they managed to increase their pace to stay clear.Coming into the final 2 laps BB was keeping a close watch for a one-two from the team mates but Bastiras was happy to stay on the front leading into the finish straight and then it was a kick for the line with BB getting the jump on Ellerway and holding on for the win!

Dave C and Dave M finished in the bunch just outside the top 10.As said earlier this could be the last race for the series and if so will see the team finish in 3rd overall, BB move up to 4th in the individual and Dave C move to 3rd in the sprint premes.

Lets see what the weather gods bring!