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April 6, 2015

Easter Sunday Brings Peace Between the Veitches

by blackchromeracing

5th April 2015

SDVLCC KOM Series Race One

The first race of the KOM Southern Vets Series saw an early KOM up Wickam’s Hill. Having two Veitches in the same grade means there is a race within the race. Simon Veitch has picked his form back up to the point where he has been re-promoted to Victoria’s grade – never any threat of team collusion when these two race! Rumour has it that Victoria has been generally insufferable in a year-long dominant streak over her poor husband. They know each other’s weaknesses. Simon is slower to warm up, while Victoria has been decidedly off key for a few weeks, seemingly at the mercy of a low grade virus – the perfect recipe for a Veitch blood bath.

The Veitches both featured at the front of the climb – Simon launching repeated attacks – Victoria nailing him, then setting a strong tempo. The ruffled feathers had somewhat settled by the end of the climb, much to the relief of the rest of the field. The pace of the race remained high across the top of the Range, and then disaster struck. A plastic chain guard had peeled off Simon’s bike and started to run through the chain – he had to stop to pull it out or risk an unsafe situation. The group was called to slow as it was expected that the situation would be a quick fix, however, one rider not having realised the situation and seeing two riders off the back then launched an attack. Victoria was genuinely torn as to what to do – wait for the husband and have both Euride riders out of the race, or follow the departing peloton and reassess from there. Victoria launched after the bunch and sat at the back, not contributing to the pace and keeping an eye out for pursuit.

Simon had a major advantage in that Mike Elleway was with him, so they had a fighting chance of crossing the gap, but the bunch were working hard to nullify the pursuit. Within a few minutes Victoria could see Simon and Mike slowly pulling the gap back. The virus must have melted Victoria’s brain – instead of digging in the knife and spurring the group into renewed action to drop the two riders, Victoria drifted off the back a full 100 metres, waited for Simon and Mike to catch up, and completed the final turn to bring the trio across the final gap to the group.

The rest of the race was relatively unremarkable. Simon launching his usual silly attacks prior to the print point, inevitably exhausting his ability to factor in the finish, while his enormously better looking, smarter and wilier other half sat in and prepared. Victoria maintained contact with the sprinters to finish within the bunch – ensuring a happy Veitch household with the husband safely installed off the back of the bunch. Happy days!

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