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December 10, 2017

Elite Women’s Update

by blackchromeracing

Division Two: Blackchrome Butterfields

Super Series Round Eight


Round eight was a tough learning curve for the Butterfields Blackchrome team. Emily was out for points in the sprint classification, but found herself in trouble after the first point. Her effort left her unable to hold onto a counter attack and she was left off the back. In stunning team unity, riders were sent back to get her. They worked together but were unable to bring her back to the bunch. Tessa Manning had been left with the lead bunch, and in an epic sprint finish, grabbed third place.


Super Series Round Nine


Pressure was felt in this critical round with so many jerseys still close in the points calculations. The team was also looking to redeem some ground in the overall team classification, with round eight seeing only one rider grabbing points. Division two is a development grade for the women, catering for women who are reasonably new to racing. This created an additional level of anxiety, as the conditions were the most inclement of the rounds so far. The winds were very high and gusty, and the track itself providing some very technical corners which were subject to cross winds. The race had its fair share of attacks, but wasn’t as aggressive as the week before, with the wind keeping the field mostly muted. The race was unfortunately marred by a crash in the last lap, which certainly tested handling skills – riders were ducking and weaving all over the place. Tessa and Emily were able to make their way clear of the fray, with Tessa giving Emily a draft on the way to the finish line. Emily made her move on the approach to the line, pulling past Tessa to grab third place. Tessa maintained her speed to hold onto 6th, a brilliant result in such tough conditions.

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