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Tandem Project Update

Return of a Superstar

Thursday’s high-performance training sessions just got a whole lot more fun with the return of Scott McPhee – Kieran Modra’s London Paralympic pilot.  Scott is an extraordinary young man, whose diligence and application to the tandem have seen him succeed at the highest level of tandem sport.  So, what could we do for such an exciting return, other than turn on a miserable, cold and wet day to give Scott the warm and fuzzies.  Luckily Scott is no stranger to early mornings like the rest of our slightly ‘unhinged’ group, but we so appreciate having him give us a hand before having to dash off to work.  His skill and talent as a pilot is a valuable resource for this particular training group.

Elite Update


In absolute sweltering conditions our World Championships TT in Italy was the most hotly contested TT’s we’ve raced. With less than 20 seconds separating places 4th-10th, and the top 2 decided by less than a second.  Our TT was our quickest yet, on a course that was challenging; both technically and physically.  With crashes happening right across the weekend it was another stellar performance from superstar pilot Lachy to keep us upright. We rolled across the cobbled finish line in 9th place with plenty of confidence for the road race.

Warming up for the road race it was another hot day, with the sun’s rays burning down we were in for another testing day in the saddle. Lucky for us the clouds started to roll in as we were all on the start line, much to the relief of the close to 30 Tandems.

Unfortunately, our race came to an end on the second lap, with us well positioned in the front group we had a puncture at the start of the climb on lap 2, and with some not so fortunate luck with the tyre change our race was well and truly gone!

Thanks to all those who helped us get to Italy, now time to hit the track ahead of Track Nationals in December.

Blind Moment

Rather than blonde moments, these updates are reserved for those little things in life that pop up for our vision impaired community – just a giggle or two!  This week’s moment courtesy of Kieran Murphy.


So, I’m in Coles, looking for Epson Salts.  Remembering that they were on the bottom shelf, I squat down and am inspecting pretty intensely the items on the bottom shelf around where I think the salts are.  At this point I had totally forgotten that this Coles had recently changed where a number of their items were.  From milk to bread, the arrangement had all changed.

The last time I grabbed a box of Epson Salts they were on the bottom shelf under where all the elastoplast stuff was, so I’m looking there, but can’t find them anywhere.  It’s actually one of the easier items to locate when you’re blind because the writing is REALLY BIG! Not content with not finding them I move across to the right, thinking that maybe they were in a different spot.  I’m grabbing boxes to try and read them but they are to small – front, back, and side I can’t read them but regardless, these boxes were too small for what I was looking for, so I put them back.  At this point people are literally grabbing items from above my head – either lots of people wanted a soothing bath that night, or I was definitely in the wrong section.  I grabbed another box to have a read what they were, take out my phone and even take a picture so I can zoom in- it was then I realised………

I wasn’t looking at Epson Salts; not even looking at Elastoplast; in my hand, and now in my iPhone photos, I was looking at TAMPONS!!! Must’ve looked so odd from all the people walking past at this guy, inspecting the tampon section!  Turns out Epson Salts were on the top shelf now!!!

Pilot Update

It is with great relief that we report that Mike Hoile, our Tandem Project Captain and the best pilot we have, has returned to racing form.  Mike has been back on the tandem for a couple of months, and more recently he has returned to racing A grade with some very strong performances.  This recovery from a fractured neck of femur is very impressive.  We will be typing up a recovery case study to go onto out website – as getting information on possibly recovery strategies for this particular injury in Elite cyclists was virtually impossible to find.