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March 11, 2019

Tandem Project Update

by blackchromeracing

Product Support

Our chief mechanic recently had the good fortune of being supplied with new bar tape for our tandem fleet from Burgh Cycling.  Donated products are always gratefully received as this project does not have insignificant costs to keep us on the road.  We’re even more thrilled when the product is absolutely fantastic (also a bit relieved in that we can truthfully rave about a product!).  Tony reports that Burgh tape is by far the best tape he has ever rolled onto a set of handle bars – and Tony is a fuss-pot!


a unique blend of comfort, grip & performance

Our unique polymer blend creates a surface that is water resistant, shock absorbing and grippy – even in the wettest of conditions. Perfect for cyclists who love all kinds of riding – but especially for those who love to get grit, sand and mud all over their pride and joy.

 New Kit

With RSB having come on board as a sponsor, Project Manager Victoria has been given all the excuse she needed for a redesign of the team’s kit to include purple for the tandem division of the team.  Blackchrome have given us an exciting preview, so stay tuned for updated team photos to follow.  The team has used the good weather for some solid training, and we hope to see some more tandems taking on the Masters racing scene this year.

Pilot Updates – Tour of Goolwa 2019 Division 3 Race Report

Team – Alison Skinner, Greg Chivers, Luke Dingley and Simon Veitch

tour of goolwa

Stage 1 – Team Time Trial

This was a danger stage for us.  Dingley was the only one with a TT bike and he had 10 mins practice before the race, while Chiv had clip-on bars and a disc wheel.  We set off well, riding solidly with Dingley and Chiv putting in strong turns, and Alison and Simon doing what they could.  Surprisingly we came second and didn’t lose anywhere near the time expected.  Great start!

Stage 2 – Finniss Road Race

A flat 66 km race that can be very windy, this year the winds were light, but the temperature was high.  The team had a plan to try to force a breakaway, but a lack of wind and several strong teams determined to keep it together for a sprint finish, saw the race contained.  It finished with a bunch kick with all 4 finishing in the lead pack and no time lost.

Stage 3 – Flagstaff Hill Road Race

A short lumpy course that saw us go up the nasty Flagstaff Hill twice, to finish at the top second time. First time over the climb, Alison skipped away to gain some valuable bonus seconds available at the top for the first climb.  A group of 10 or so got a bit of a gap over the top with 3 of us up there, but it was quickly closed down.  So, around we went again and leading into the rolling climbs before the main climb, Chivers hit the front and kept the pace high for about 4 km to discourage attacks.  Onto the climb for the second time and Simon and Luke were well positioned at the front to see Alison accelerate away from the pack on the steepest section and take an emphatic win! Simon came third and Luke fifth with some good time gaps to see us take over the lead in the teams competition. It also saw Simon move up to 3rd on GC (40 seconds gap) Luke 4th and Alison fifth.

Stage 4 – Crows Nest Hill Climb Time Trial

A tough 4km hill Climb this is a tough stage to do with 3 hard stages already in the legs. Most years there is a pretty strong tailwind but this year it was only gentle and it was pretty hot.  The team plan was for Chiv to tow the other 3 for the first 500-700m false flat and then peel off as it got steeper and we would see who had legs from there.  Chiv set an excellent pace and Peeled off as planned, and Simon took over pace setting.  Dingles then peeled off a bit further up the climb, and Simon and Alison worked together until the middle section where it flattens off briefly before kicking up hard for the last 2km.  Then they both rode at their thresholds right to the top.  Simon won the stage and Alison came in 3rd.

On GC, Bryan Macintyre held onto the lead by 7 seconds, Simon moved up to second and Alison stormed up to third.  Luke held on to fifth, an excellent result.  We took out the Team win by 2 minutes and 22 seconds from Hot Velocity, with Packard Bell in third place.  Many thanks to Adelaide Hills Masters Cycling Club and all the sponsors for hosting such a great event.  The event was brilliantly organised, ran smoothly and all teams competed fiercely but in a fun, friendly spirit.  Best Tour of Goolwa yet!

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