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May 26, 2019

Tandem Project Update

by blackchromeracing

New Team Member – sort of!


A little bit taller, and with shoulders quite a bit broader, Beau Wootton returns to the Tandem Project.  Beau is an extraordinary talent, and one of the most naturally gifted riders we have ever trained.  Beau had a couple of years off cycling when he finished school, only to realise what every other cycling nut already knows…….cycling is ‘The Dark Side’ you can’t say no to.  Luckily there are worse habits to have.  The team hopes to fund raise for another tandem that can more easily fit Beau’s very long legs.  Well, it’s either that or reduce Beau’s femur length by about 4cm.  Understandably, Beau prefers the first option of a bigger bike!

Eye Play Sport Fundraiser


Speaking of fund raising, in his role of CEO of Eye Play Sport, Kieran Murphy is currently organising their major fundraiser of the year.  A dinner designed to draw people into the experience of vision impairment, Dinner in the Dark will be an ‘eye opening’ event.  If you have a group of friends or a corporate group who would like to take the opportunity to appreciate the advantages of eyesight, then jump onto the EPS Facebook site for information on ticketing.  The event is scheduled for the 27th July.

Pilot Update: Manager Victoria Veitch

After retiring from National Road Series riding three years ago, Victoria was debilitated with serious fatigue for nearly two years.  But thanks to excellent medical guidance and more blood tests and potions than you can poke a stick at, Victoria is well and truly on the comeback trail.  Armed also with a very stunning new climbing bike, Victoria has been placing in the top three of most of her races.  With a second place in the epic 90km Harrogate race, followed up by first place in the Balhannah Kermese, Victoria has set her sites on reclaiming some of the more significant QOM records around Adelaide.  She has already reclaimed the Windy Point record, and will now train over winter for an attempt on Norton, which is held by an international rider who used a prominent local male rider to pace her up the hill – NOT KOSHER!  Best of all, the recovery from fatigue has improved Victoria’s mood no end, which will make everyone around her, not least her husband, breath a sigh of relief.

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