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About the Project



Team Blackchrome Racing is administrating and conducting a Road Development Program for paracyclists in SA. The purpose of the program is to produce road competent tandem riders, to the extent that tandem teams can develop into competitive pairings at State and National level. The Tandem Project is working hard to extend our sponsorship base to support this program and financially support our athletes. Vision Impairment involves a degree of economic disadvantage for our athletes, and equipment purchase and repair is extremely expensive.

The Road Development Program involves 10-12 weeks of basic training, where athletes are facilitated through six levels of skills and fitness. During this period the athletes have access to senior instructors who are some of the most skilled and decorated riders in South Australia. The amount of time invested on a personal level by the team’s trainers is enormous. Successful graduates often go on to become trainers themselves by undergoing an intensive process to earn their “Instructor” and “Senior Instructor” status.

Those athletes who graduate successfully are offered positions within the team, and are offered assistance in identifying compatible and permanent competition partnerships for ongoing and advanced development of road riding. Riders are initially recruited into the Development Squad, and work their way through 6-9months of advanced training to reach the High Performance Squad.

Team Blackchrome Racing has a long association with paracycling and tandems, and subsequently our team members are encouraging and inclusive of tandems, placing our team in a unique position to facilitate this program.